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Preventative Care Options For the Elderly

Tips To Help You Care For Your Elderly Parents Before Assisted Care is Needed.

It happens to everyone. Your loved ones (usually parents) get older and as their faculties start to diminish, you have to assess how capable they are of taking care of themselves before options like Care Aids and nursing homes become unavoidable.

However there are new, relatively inexpensive technologies that you and your older loved ones can use to make everyday tasks easier and safer for older people. One of the most common hazards is cooking, for example: lots of hot surfaces mean potential burning hazards for older people with diminishing memory. Luckily there are actually technologies that exist right now that to ensure a safer home.

Concern #1: Cost.

Obviously with older people living off pensions, buying lots of new gadgets can be cost prohibitive. The gadgets we have mentioned in this post were collected with a tight budget in mind. And to help you out even more, we’ve gathered a list of a few sites that can help you save a significant percentage off the cost of these items:

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1. Jitterbug Cell Phone for Seniors:

Jitterbug Cell Phone for Seniors
Smartphones are great if you need to call for assistance. Unfortunately diminishing eyesight and a discomfort with new technologies means that many seniors today refuse to use or carry for their smartphones with them. The Jitterbug cell phone was created with them in mind: it’s a simple, easy to use cell phone with amazing battery life. The buttons are huge, backlit and the interface is incredibly simple. You can talk to someone instantly by pressing “0”. The plans are also pre-paid and you can cancel at any time.

Where to Buy: – You can buy directly from their website, or: – you can buy it direct from, or a myriad of other online websites.

2. Safe-T Element Cooking System:

Safe-T Element Cooking System Elderly
Now this is genius. Probably the number one concern for the elderly is forgetting to turn the stove/oven off and inadvertently starting a fire. The Safe-T Element cooking system automatically regulate the temperatures of your stove/oven so that they never reach the ignition temperatures for grease.
The cost is $149.99, which is reasonable. But it does have to be installed by a professional (it’s connected to the wiring on the stove).

Where to Buy: – The official manufacturer’s website. – Amazon pretty much has everything.

3. E-Neighbor Health System:

This is the most costly option on this list, but it is also the most effective when it comes to monitoring your elderly loved ones. If you’re worried about your loved one wandering off, getting confused, or that they may fall and be unable to get up, this e-neighbor system is amazing.
How it works: The entire home is rigged with sensors that go off if there is something unusual that happens: the fridge has been open for 6 hours, or the shower left running will trigger a phone call to the caregiver. This item costs $300 plus a $20/month fee for the monitoring service. It’s pricey, but effective.

Here’s a video on how it works:

Where to Buy:

Healthsense – This is the company that offers the e-neighbor service.