Vineyard Nursing


Frequently Asked Questions:

What services are provided?
The Vineyard Nursing Association has a variety of highly skilled health care providers on staff, including skilled nurses, home health aides, rehabilitation therapists, licensed medical social workers and other knowledgeable health care professionals.

When is Vineyard Nursing care necessary?
Home health care with VNA is available to individuals who need nursing or therapy services for care of a new or existing illness. We are available for care after surgery and to instruct patients in the management of their disease or wound. We care for a broad spectrum of patients – from newborns and moms to elders or those who need end of life care. Vineyard Nursing services can be requested by the individual needing care, their family, doctors or friends and neighbors. Call 555-693-6184 for information.

How can I contact my nurse or other home care team members?
Our home care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our offices are open for billing or scheduling questions from 8am until 4:30pm Monday through Friday. If you need to contact our on-call nurse during off hours please simply call our main number at 508-693-6184. We utilize a 24 hour a day answering service. Within seconds your call will be answered by a professional who will be able to connect you with someone who can answer your questions or schedule a visit with a nurse.

What if I need help on weekends?
Vineyard Nursing has a staff standing by on weekends to meet the needs of our patients and their families who are scheduled for visits on those days. We also have an on-call staff available to meet any unexpected needs of our patients that may arise. Please call our main number at 508-693-6184 to reach our answering service who will put you in contact with the home health care professional who can best meet your weekend needs.

Will my insurance pay for these services?
We will review your insurance benefits on your first visit. Vineyard Nursing accepts Medicare, Medicaid, HMO’s, VA, private health insurance and private pay managed care.

When will Vineyard Nursing call me after I have been referred for home care?
In most cases your nurse will call you the day after you get home from the hospital or rehab center if that is where you have been. If your doctor has referred you after a visit in his office, we will call you the next day as well. In some instances, when a patient needs our services the same day they get home from the hospital or doctor’s office, we will call you immediately. If you have not heard from us or have questions before we are in touch, please don’t hesitate to call our main office at 508-693-6184. We are standing by and happy to answer your questions.

Will I know when my home care staff is coming to my house?
Yes, for nursing and therapy services, you will receive a telephone call from your clinician who will work with you to determine the best time for an appointment. Often the next appointment is set up with you and your nurse or therapist while they are at your home finishing up a visit. For home health aide services, you will receive a written schedule weekly of when your aide will be there. Please let your home care team members know what your preferred appointment times are so we can best meet your needs.

What happens on the first visit?
During the first visit with your nurse and or therapist, information is gathered about your medical and functional status. Our team, along with you, your family and your doctor will develop a plan for your care, taking into account your personal goals for your recovery. Vineyard Nursing works in a team concept bringing all needed services to you at home. You will be assigned a care manager who will coordinate all of your care members, keeping you and your family informed of all the programs available to you, so that you can make smart decisions regarding your care.

How will I know how to take care of myself or loved one in-between visits?
Your Vineyard Nursing care manager will be sure you have all the information you need to carry out your personalized plan of care. Our team will work with you and those you choose to be involved in your care to be sure you have the tools and information necessary to meet your goals of recovery. We will visit as often as necessary until you and your family are comfortable managing your care. We utilize community resources to provide assistance as needed including meals on wheels, transportation services, support groups and educational programs, as well as community or government funded services. We will make the connections you need to help you regain independence.

What are my rights as a patient?
At Vineyard Nursing, your privacy is a priority. We strictly follow the guidelines of confidentiality when it comes to any information we know about you. We will work hard to gain and maintain your trust. Information regarding your privacy and other “patient rights” will be provided to you on our first visit to your home in a Patient Handbook specifically developed and maintained by the VNA. Your Patient Handbook will clearly define all of your rights and be a permanent reference for you if more questions arise.